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TheQuestion is a DIY media resource that allows users to share their curiosity and expertise in the form of questions, asking others in the community to share their personal experiences and professional knowledge in form of the answers. With this approach to collaboration, the platform creates high-quality articles with the headlines written by the questioners and the body of the texts written by those answering.

Like a search engine, we receive information about what is important and interesting to our audience. We know what people are looking for. We rank the questions by their importance, popularity, and the number of users who subscribed to see the answer.

Like traditional media, we are looking for the best experts to answer the most important questions. Our community of experts and curators is growing rapidly, with more than 100,000 community members sharing expertise in at least 4,000 different fields and topics. As soon as specialists register with our service, they instantly receive questions to which they could provide informed answers. Up to 500 questions and 1,000 answers are submitted each day on

And we now ready to expand our platform to new languages and countries.


The audience of any major newspaper possesses several times more total knowledge than the correspondents and editors working at that publication. A million readers simply know more than a hundred reporters. But what if those journalists could turn to a million sources when they sit down to write a story? What if they could use 100 questions asked after something important happens to get insights from people whose experience is valuable to that story? TheQuestion is an invaluable source for explanatory, analytical, and investigative journalism, providing insights from previously inaccessible people who actually know what they are talking about.


People are divided by their values, income, attitudes, cultures, religion, and language, but within a society different groups of people have to talk to each other to work out how best to live together. We read different newspapers, vote for different parties, and rarely meet people from different social groups. People who live in one city can seem so different to people from another city that they seem like beings from another planet. If you want to build a conversation between interplanetary neighbours, you need to find a common language and common values. TheQuestion gives people an opportunity to talk to each other and resolve conflicts through rational thinking.


Companies look for audiences that will be interested in their products, they hire people to create nice and attractive promotions, and they do their best to spread that message. When this content comes to people who are not interested in the product, it’s called an advertisement. But there are millions of people who actually want that information and seek experts who can guide them to it. TheQuestion makes it possible for businesses to talk about what they know best (their own products), and make that information available to the people looking for it.


People struggle to find the right person when they need life advice, and TheQuestion is populated by potential teachers and mentors. TheQuestion gives people a chance to connect with these individuals, and possibly improve their lives in ways they didn’t know were possible. Simply put, the connections that happen on our platform can be life-changing.


Self-education is impossible without the desire know more, but where do people get that inspiration to study? Why would anyone have an urgent need to know chemistry better? We believe that people infect each other with curiosity: a great teacher in school can make you fall in love with something like history for the rest of your life. A bad teacher, on the other hand, can make a subject like chemistry seem so boring that you will never be able to read about it. TheQuestion connects you to people who can inspire.

Imagine standing in a grand library and all the knowledge stored therein. Would you be scared and struggle with deciding where to begin, and which book to pick? Imagine now that you have a trusted curator who could walk you through the library and show you which books you’d treasure most. TheQuestion is that curator.




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