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Madrid & Lyon
07 Feb 2012
07 Mar 2012
Job Type
Full Time

NEW places released -Spring and summer projects in Madrid and Lyon March 2012 and Summer 2012 only-

Travel Writers/Reviewers/Research posts (language learning element included)

Travel writing research and review posts. We have released a few extended posts for our Madrid project and Lyon project only.

Team members gain the opportunity to learn Spanish (Madrid) or French (Lyon) from scratch or brush up on foreign language skills already acquired with language learning classes. The CTR team members are assigned to write a travel guide aimed at young people visiting the city. With help from their language and cultural classes together with workshops and other project related activities and visits, they compile reviews and research anything from bars, cafes, nightlife, history, politics, food and drink, the arts, music, geography, culture and language and other entertainment and attractions that can be found in Madrid or Lyon.

Project members are usually made up from different working backgrounds and in most projects differing nationalities. Our projects attract skilled candidates that work as team project members with the aim of improving or learning foreign language skills and wish to gain a real life productive working experience abroad. Team members are usually geared more to Travel writing, Journalism, PR, media and cretaive industries. The project members are involved in team working group meetings, conducting interviews, design, project management, editorial tasks and duties, writing creative articles, taking photos, layout (only few members who wish to specialise), and compiling an online travel guide for their chosen location. Each project is different as the guide is distributed to a number of different outlets and in various different formats always depending on quality, although it is always published online and most receive an ISBN number and are available as an E-book.

Any travel guides that are sold, online-profits are solely kept by the contributors who were involved.

We select outgoing, positive and talented individuals that understand and wish to gain a fantastic, different, yet practical hands-on 'real world' type of working experience and improve on or learn new further working skills and language abilities to add to their CV/Resume/Portfolio.

Please note that for all those candidates selected - a project programme fee is due which covers airport pick ups, accommodation, basic breakfast, language tuition classes, writing workshops/guidance and project related activities/visits.

For more information on dates of the project and further finer details please see our website and email requesting for a project schedule.

Applications are also always on request which are submitted together with the candidates CV/Resume. Other European projects are located in Berlin and Edinburgh. All projects have limited places and we are no longer accepting applications for the following projects - Edinburgh March and Berlin May.

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