Economy, Editor

11-12 The Oval, E2 9DU, London
£35,000 pro-rata, 4 days/wk
12 Oct 2016
07 Nov 2016
Job Type
Part Time

What’s Economy?

In 2016 YouGov asked the UK public if they felt “politicians and the media talk about economics in a way that is accessible and easy to understand”. Only 12% answered yes.

We need a new way of talking about economics and it needs to be clear, real and diverse. So, we started a campaign to reclaim what economics is really about – seven billion stories, the lives we lead, and the choices we make. We’re calling it ‘understandable economics’.

Our website is the place for news and entertainment from food to sport to the big issues. We not only make sense of the dry stuff in the financial press and bring clarity to the economics of current news stories, we also find economics in popular culture and give jargon-free explanations on the economic concepts of our daily lives via our Learn section.

But we’re not just ‘being the change we want to see’; we’re working with journalists, politicians, and the financial industry to create positive, helpful steps for institutions to move away from a world full of jargon, and into one where they’re able to effectively speak with and involve people in the work they do.

Where do you come in?

We’re looking for an Editor to join our team and take the lead in shaping and maintaining the editorial voice of Economy.

Our target audience would never visit a site called Economy. We want to offer something existing coverage doesn't. We are aiming at digital savvy 16-35 year olds with a passion for pop culture, an interest in the world around them, and a distaste for dry, lengthy, archaic forms of communication.

You’ll be part of an editorial team consisting of a Commissioning Editor, a Social Media Content Producer, and a Video Editor.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Working alongside the Commissioning Editor to define the vision, brand, and content of the news and entertainment sections of in the ideation and production stage
  • Realising our brand through our content and overseeing editorial review processes to ensure all published content:
    • Draws in this completely new audience through headlines, layout, turn of phrase and images
    • Is fact-checked, proofread, and copy-edited to absolute accuracy and in line with the brand’s tone and style
    • Adheres to relevant legislation
  • Producing regular original reactive content as agreed with Commissioning Editor in the name of Economy Team, e.g. weekly news digest, reactive coverage of topical stories
  • Reviewing, proofing, editing, augmenting and publishing commissioned content from external contributors to the CMS
  • Managing and maintaining effective relationships between contributors and Commissioning Editor to ensure that content is delivered as per publication calendar

You’ll be publishing approx. 4–6 pieces of in-house or externally commissioned content per week, and one monthly feature of 10–15 pieces of themed content. You’ll be working with everyone from student writers to high-profile content producers, some of whom have little/no experience writing about economics (or in the case of the student writers, with writing for an online publication at all.) Your role will be to help them shape their ideas into content that is suitable for our audience and confidently demonstrates the link between economics and daily life in a unique and entertaining way.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Proven editing experience for digital content on a range of topics within news and entertainment, preferably in an environment targeted towards a similar audience to Economy
  • Proven experience in the logistics of publishing digital content, including video, images, and audio
  • A strong understanding of our target audience and the ability to strategize how to create content that suits their needs
  • Excellent communication skills, both in terms of working in a small team in-house, and representing the project externally
  • Masses of ambition, enthusiasm and drive to help shape the editorial voice of a growing platform
  • An open mind and positive attitude to working with a huge range of contributors on a huge range of subjects and teasing out an unexpected economic angle within their ideas
  • An understanding of and interest in economics / a strong desire to learn about the subject and how to make it accessible

What’s the structure of the team so far?

The editorial team consists of a Commissioning Editor, Social Media Content Producer, Video Editor, Editorial Consultant, and a network of freelance contributors, ranging from student writers to high-profile content producers. Given that you will be working in a start-up environment, it is essential that you have the ability and desire to direct your own work while always making sure to communicate and collaborate with the team.

Our full team also includes a campaigns manager, two researchers, a publicity and comms consultant, a digital marketing intern, and an administrator.

What’s the structure of the organisation?

Economy is part of Rethinking Economics (RE), a student movement looking to change the way economics is taught at universities. Our work is overseen by the RE Public Education Committee, and a Board of Trustees.

Economy takes an inclusive, accessible, and engaging approach to the conversation around the economy: we do our very best to create an environment within the organisation which reflects these values. We actively encourage collaborative working, and aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for our team members to support, learn from, and engage with each other’s work to create a culture of horizontal learning and personal development.

How to apply

If you’re interested in the role, please complete the application form below with:

  • a CV
  • Two paragraphs of original writing:
    • 150-200 words breaking down a topic in the financial press in terms of what it means for an audience who wouldn’t normally feel remotely related to it, and
    • 150-200 words using an economic concept to explore a completely unexpected topic in the news which our audience would be following but wouldn’t expect to see related to economics.
  • Four lines on your assessment of our current homepage and user interface – what you feel is and isn’t working and how you’d recommend improving them with our target audience in mind.

Please send this by 7 November 2016.

Economy welcomes applications from all members of the community. We strive to be an equal opportunities employer and would particularly encourage women and BME candidates to apply. We will aim to accommodate special requirements wherever possible.