Preqin, Editorial Assistant

City of London
£23,000 - £25,000 per annum plus bonus potential
03 Feb 2017
03 Mar 2017
Job Type
Full Time

Purpose of the Role

As an Editorial Assistant, you will work directly on Preqin's research reports, newsletters and publications focused on the alternative assets industry, including editing and proofreading written analysis and supporting charts and figures, and assisting with the publishing and presentation of the publications.


  • Manages and administers the production of research reports and publications, in particular Preqin’s regular monthly newsletters. This will typically involve content management from start to finish:
    • Organising meetings to gather ideas for input from various departments within the company.
    • Setting a timetable and producing a schedule for publication. Monitoring and chasing written contributions from the content-writing team.
    • Editing and publishing content to adhere to the house style.
    • Publishing the report/publication using design programs, and assisting with the layout and design of the publication.
    • Providing feedback on written copy.
    • Obtaining feedback from key stakeholders and administering their edits.
    • Conducting quality checks and a final proofread before the report is released.
  • Routinely edits blogs written by Preqin’s research team.
  • Provides feedback on written copy and training on house style. 
  • Posts material on the Preqin website.
  • Transcribes and edits interviews conducted with industry professionals.
  • Carries out other publication tasks and other ad-hoc communications & marketing projects.

Knowledge, skills and experience required

  • 2.1 degree from a leading university
  • Excellent copy-editing skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work to deadlines and under pressure
  • Ability to prioritise Good team-working skills, with the ability to deal diplomatically with people when providing feedback on written input

Communication Skills

This role requires an individual to be able to adapt their own style to the Preqin house style and to consistently edit and proof copy to the standard house style. Must have excellent writing skills, with the ability to present complex information in a clear, concise and often impartial way. Must be able to communicate effectively with other teams and individuals in the company in order to collate and disseminate communications and other information for internal and external publication.

Fluency in the Use of Computer Applications

Fluency in the use of computer business applications including Word/Excel and Outlook is required. Knowledge of publishing applications such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop is desirable, but not essential. Training will be provided on Preqin’s own databases, online products and CRM.

Information Processing

Able to organise and collate content for Preqin’s publications, as well as edit, proofread, correct copy and write to house standards. Must be able to interpret charts to ensure data is displayed correctly and content matches written copy.

Attention to Detail

Precise attention to detail and a methodical approach to work, with an uncompromising attitude to quality, ensuring that errors and mistakes do not go unnoticed.


Ability to prioritise to meet deadlines, taking account of new information or changed circumstances and modifying understanding of a problem or situation accordingly.


The ability to complete a job from start to finish with minimal supervision. Has the drive to ensure that tasks are pursued to completion and that deadlines are consistently met.


Working co-operatively (rather than competitively) with others to achieve a common goal. This may sometimes mean putting the team’s need above one’s own. Needs to be able to work with everyone in the company to help to meet deadlines. Is able to receive and act on constructive criticism and suggestions to improve own work.

Independent Working

Ability to work with minimal supervision, manage own workload and to be self-motivated, meeting individual deadlines.

Interpersonal Skills

Able to comfortably interact with others in the team and the wider company to ensure that copy is written to a very high and exactingly accurate standard. Remains positive and supportive of other members of the company and the wider company goals, even when busy, when there is pressure or when situations change. Is diplomatic, with the ability to provide constructive feedback to others regarding corrected copy and helping an individual improve their own writing skills.

Organisational skills

Must be highly organised, able to follow a process and work to a critical path, and be able to organise data and work processes to meet tight deadlines. Must be able to organise input from others to a schedule.


Is reliable and can be trusted with sensitive and/or confidential information and is able to handle information of this nature responsibly. Should be aware of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding the release of information.

Reliable /Dependable

Keeps commitments, can be relied upon to deliver ‘outputs’ to complete work and keep others informed of progress/issues that arise.

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